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Roof calculation program

The online roof calculation program allows users to calculate roofs of any complexity (including roofs with dozens of slopes) and save money by ordering only the amount of material that is really needed

7 reasons to use our roof calculator online

Below 7 reasons why it is necessary to use our system:
  1. The program works in all modern browsers - You don't need to install anything on your computer.
  2. High level of convenience - we have taken into account the experience of all systems existing on the market - as a result, the system is more convenient than any other. Learning to work with our program is easier than with any other.
  3. Roof calculation of any complexity - You can really calculate any roof, and the calculation of a hip roof or a gable roof will not be difficult.
  4. Storing calculations in the cloud - all roof calculation projects are stored in the cloud, copies of which are made 4 times a day.You will definitely not lose your calculations!
  5. Providing shared access - the ability to grant access to the facade or roof calculation project to another user, including (for viewing) anonymous users (clients). This is much more convenient than printing and sending scans by EMail!
  6. A wide range of materials and settings - we make the maximum possible number of settings for all materials calculated by the program and sold from factories that cooperate with us. You don't need to score the settings yourself!
  7. Free rate - no risk to buy what you don't need - first test with a free tariff!

What can our online roof calculation program do?

  • Editing a stingray is both using ready-made templates and free drawing. The ability to fine-tune each slope of the roof calculator
  • Editing cutouts on a ramp - both from ready-made templates, and (as in slopes) - free drawing for calculating the facade or roof
  • Calculation of the layout of the material taking into account the specified parameters and the scheme of the slopes
  • The ability to change the material (both inside one view and completely change the type of material) with the recalculation of the layout
  • Maintenance and calculation of the entire roof (project)
  • Formation of the final report on meterials and the layout of the material for all slopes
  • Providing access to both other employees of the company and third parties

Our online roof calculator allows you to:

  • Calculate the roof of metal tiles
  • Calculate the roof from profiled flooring
  • Calculate the roof of flexible (soft) tiles
  • Calculate the roof from the seam roof
  • You can also calculate any roof online, the calculation of which can be carried out by area or rectangular material (including various types of tiles, wooden roof, etc.)
  • According to the results of the roof calculation - get a drawing of the roof