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Roof Slope Calculator - calculation of roof slope online

Roof Angle Calculator used for calculation as angle of slope of the roof, and the missing data on the roof - projection. Visually, where and what values can be seen on the drawing of the calculator located under the calculation form.

To calculate the angle of inclination of the roof or data, it is enough to specify only two known values, and the remaining values (if any) can be used for verification.

Formulas for the angle of inclination of the roof and the length of the slope

Formulas for the angle of inclination of the roof and the length of the slope

On the picture: a - slope angle, S - length of the roof slope, H - roof height at the top, L - roof slope projection length

Accordingly, all values can be found:
  • a = arctg(H/L) or a = arcsin(H/S)
  • H = L * tg a
  • S = H / sin a

The above formulas allow you to calculate any required value (if for some reason our calculator did not suit you)

Calculation of roof slope angles by type

Calculation of the angle of inclination of a lean-to roof

A single-pitched roof is one of the most popular and, at the same time, one of the easiest to calculate. In fact, our calculator calculates it, since more complex roofs (for example, the angle of inclination of a gable roof) require splitting the roof elements into separate slopes and calculating each of them.

When calculating the slope of a lean-to roof and calculating the length and angle of the roof slope, be sure to take into account overhangs! You can calculate them by setting the data not of the slope itself, but the height and projection of the roof together with the overhangs.

Materials and angles for single-pitched roofs

  • roofing material roof – 5-10 degrees
  • from profiled flooring – from 8 to 20 degrees
  • made of metal tiles – 20-30 degrees
  • made of slate – 20-35 degrees
  • for a seam roof, an inclination of 18-30 degrees is required

Calculation of the angle of inclination of the gable roof

It is already more difficult to calculate a gable roof than to calculate the angle of inclination of a single-pitched roof. In the case of two ramps, it is necessary to calculate each of the ramps individually on our calculator, and it is better to use the roof calculator to calculate the material, because the location of the material and its dimensions may not be accurate.

Calculation of the angle of inclination of the hip roof

In turn, the calculation of the hip roof is even more complicated than the calculation of the angle of the gable roof. You need to not just break and count the angle of each slope separately, but also take into account that the angles for the hip roof differ.

For a hip roof, it is also especially necessary to take into account the walking dimensions of the crate, so when calculating your real roof, the angles of the hip roof, even if a little, will differ!

Types of roof depending on the angle of the roof slope

There are 4 main types of roofs depending on the angle of inclination:

  • 3-10° — flat
  • 10-30° — gently sloping
  • 30-45° — pitched
  • 45-60° — high