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Monday, July 15, 2019
Calculation of siding and facades
The module for calculating siding and facades was launched in test mode.
Monday, July 8, 2019
Added roof pitch calculator
Now you have the opportunity to calculate the angles of inclination of the roof and the length of the slope with our new calculator. It is free and does not require registration.
Saturday, July 6, 2019
Fixed problem with the activation of the calculation of the roof
Some customers may have experienced the problem of activating the roof calculation service. We fixed it.
Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Updates to the roof calculation system
Now the report has a print version, the size of the material can be set to the desired length and many minor fixes.
Thursday, June 20, 2019
Turn off the free fare
We refuse the free rate. All current customers will be transferred to the test period of the paid rate.
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Online siding calculator - facade estimation

The program for calculating siding and facades online allows users to calculate siding or any other material on the facade of any complexity and save by ordering only the volume of material that is really needed

7 reasons to use our online siding calculator

Siding calculation online - facade calculator Below are 7 reasons why you need to use our facade calculation system:
  1. The program works in all modern browsers - you do not need to install any programs (which are often not compatible with each other, require administrator rights or do not work at all on your OS).
  2. High level of convenience - we took into account the experience of all systems existing in the market - as a result, the system is as convenient as no other. Learning how to work with our system is easier than with any.
  3. Calculation of the facade of any complexity - you can actually calculate the facade of any house.
  4. Storage of calculations in the cloud - all projects for the calculation of the facades are stored in the cloud, copies of which are made 4 times a day. You will definitely not lose your calculations!
  5. Sharing - the ability to provide access to the project to calculate the facade or roof to another user, including (for viewing) anonymous users (clients). This is much more convenient than printing and sending scans by email!
  6. A wide range of materials and settings - we make the maximum possible number of settings for all materials calculated by the system and sold from plants that work with us. You do not need to fill the settings by yourself!
  7. 14 days of test access - no risk to buy what you do not need - first test the tariff you are interested in!

What can our online siding calculator do?

  • Editing the facade - both using ready-made templates, and free drawing. Ability to fine-tune each facade of the calculator
  • Editing cutouts on the facade - both from ready-made templates, and (as in the facade) - free drawing to calculate the facade
  • Calculation of the layout of the material, taking into account the set parameters and the facade scheme
  • The ability to change the material (both within one type, and completely change the type of material) with recalculation of the layout
  • Maintaining and calculating the whole house (project)
  • Generating a final report on materials and material layouts for all facades
  • Providing access to other company employees and third parties

What allows you to calculate the facade calculator?

  • Calculation of metal and vinyl siding
  • Calculation of the facade from corrugated
  • Calculation of the facade from the fold panels
  • Calculation of the facade of the basement siding
  • Calculation of the facade of wall panels

Demonstration of the online siding calculator

Since the calculation of even a simple facade is not the easiest task - we suggest that you familiarize yourself with Quickstart (a quick start, made for the roof, but the facades are similar)

Having trouble? The answers to all questions can be found in our help!