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Since December 1, the project has been completely updated. Old version -
Until June 1, 2023, all site services are free. No bank card required!

Restarting the project!

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Two years later, it's time for a global update!

Since December 1, we have launched a new version of the project with a completely redesigned engine, ideas and grandiose plans for development.

What's new in the project?

  • The basis of the site has been completely redesigned - it now opens on mobile devices and works much faster
  • The site is created in 11 languages of the world
  • Existing services have been redesigned - the roof calculation program and calculators

What will happen in the near future?

  • We are actively working on a modern construction marketplace
  • We will add a service for the selection / search of service providers
  • We will add the development of promo pages for companies and performers
  • Lots of new calculators

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